Hands Off the Bump

At close to 6 months pregnant, I’ve reached the point where it no longer looks like I’m just fat and have eaten too much chinese takeaway – I have an evident baby bump. For some reason, this gives strangers the right to think that they can touch my stomach. Excuse me, do I know you??? Hands off the bump!

My bumpI have no problem with family or close friends touching my baby bump, albeit a bit weird at first but I draw the line at strangers. It’s like having a stranger touch your newborn, that’s not on either! I don’t know where you’ve been and what kind of germs you may have, please keep your distance.

With 3 months left to go and a lot of growing still to do, this leads me to cautionary measures, such as window shopping for the perfect pregnancy shirt. Here’s a few of my favourites:

1. Hands off the Bump shirt – $15.37 from ASOS
2. Ninja in Training shirt – $25.74 + postage from Etsy
3. Maternity Hazard shirt – $38.75 + postage from Zazzle
4. I’m not Buddha shirt – $40.85 + postage from Zazzle

Now to pick just one!


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Pressured into a positive review

Today I had a follow up phone call from the company we purchased our new car from over the weekend. They rang to ensure we had booked into our first service but mostly it gave them another opportunity to remind us that we would be getting a customer service survey in the mail and to give them a good rating.


I was also told that that there was a particular question on the survey where a score could only be given of 10 or 0 and “at this point today, do you think you would score us a 10?”. I suddenly felt very flustered, angry and pressured over the phone because they had started talking to me during a busy time at work and were more or less demanding a good feedback score.

Maybe it’s just me but would you give someone a good feedback score, if they were pressuring you into it? I felt bullied and promptly ended the phone conversation.

As someone who works in the marketing industry, this is the wrong way to go about obtaining positive feedback for market research or corporate testimonials. I feel the same way about dishonest companies who write their own reviews on review sites.

If there is a blank section on the survey, I will be giving them my honest feedback.

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Goodbye My Friend

Jezebelle and I have been the best of friends since 2005 but today saw us part ways forever.

It was love at first sight, as we shared the same passion for traveling, eating out and spending time with family and friends. Over the last 9 years, we have supported one another through the good and the bad times, the thick and the thin but today it was time to say goodbye – goodbye to my beloved first car.


Did you have a name for your first car and what did it mean to you?

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Budget and Save for the Things you Want

With Christmas only 12 weeks from today and my position being severed at the end of November, it’s time for this family to start saving hard!

Excel Spreadsheet

This means making changes to the weekly budget and management of household cashflow, starting with the ever-dreaded Excel Spreadsheet. Now, no one likes sitting down and working out what the quarterly bills amount to, the kids’ swimming lessons and groceries but it has to be done in order to determine what you’re actually saving each week, fortnight or month. If you’re a novice in this area, there are some great websites out there that can give you a helping hand, such as:

Hubby and I have been very strict on our budget and even worked out a small quarterly allowance for items such as clothing and gifts, so nothing has been overlooked or left out. We have of course ensured we have money leftover for a rainy day or unforeseen circumstances. Our aim is to save for renovations and make do on one wage for a short period of time but your aim may completely different to ours – by way of example, you may want to travel, save for a house or buy a new car.


Here’s some of my savings tips for budgeting:

  1. Work out what your weekly expenses are and withdraw that amount of cash only from the ATM. You can then draw from this money only during the week to pay for items e.g. petrol, groceries, takeaway food. Anything leftover is a bonus and then goes towards the following week. I separate this money even further into labelled pencil cases e.g. groceries.
  2. Give yourself a weekly allowance. Hubby and I give ourselves each a $50 allowance each week (as part of the weekly expenses amount). This goes towards any food purchased at work and a weekly entertainment budget e.g. coffee with friends, hiring DVDs etc.
  3. Plan your meals ahead of time. Sit down and work out what you’re going to cook for the week and the groceries you will need purchase to cook said items. You may wish to review grocery catalogues online for the week and see what’s cheap to work out meals around those items. Don’t buy items that will stretch over your grocery budget. There was a woman on A Current Affair who had some great tips the other night that may help. Click here to view the story.
  4. Visit your local Farmers Market. Farmers Markets are great on the weekend for picking up great produce at a bargain price. Don’t be afraid to haggle, this can save you money too.
  5. Keep a loose change bowl. It’s amazing how all the loose change adds up. Once you have a significant amount, visit your local bank and ask for change bags to collate it and bank it.
  6. Forums also have some great savings tips for members. I myself joined Simple Savings a couple of years back and have learnt some great things over the time.

Budgeting is not meant to be easy by any means but it will help you achieve your plans and dreams from life. Happy Saving!!!

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