Pressured into a positive review

Today I had a follow up phone call from the company we purchased our new car from over the weekend. They rang to ensure we had booked into our first service but mostly it gave them another opportunity to remind us that we would be getting a customer service survey in the mail and to give them a good rating.


I was also told that that there was a particular question on the survey where a score could only be given of 10 or 0 and “at this point today, do you think you would score us a 10?”. I suddenly felt very flustered, angry and pressured over the phone because they had started talking to me during a busy time at work and were more or less demanding a good feedback score.

Maybe it’s just me but would you give someone a good feedback score, if they were pressuring you into it? I felt bullied and promptly ended the phone conversation.

As someone who works in the marketing industry, this is the wrong way to go about obtaining positive feedback for market research or corporate testimonials. I feel the same way about dishonest companies who write their own reviews on review sites.

If there is a blank section on the survey, I will be giving them my honest feedback.



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