Some of the best things in life are spontaneous!

I apologise for the lack of posts but to be honest my mind has been elsewhere of late.

You see, a couple of weeks ago (or months ago really), this happened…


It was a bit of a shock to the system because we weren’t quite planning a sibling for our little one quite so soon. I had always liked the idea of a 2 year age gap but I think my husband was leaning more toward a gap of 3 years. The overwhelming feelings of having a newborn suddenly came flooding back to me:

  • the lack of sleep
  • the embarrassing feeling of lactating through your shirt
  • the strain on your relationship
  • the nappy explosions
  • the lack of household chores / home cooking being done

I think it’s true when people say you know your body and you know when something’s up. In the early days, I experienced symptoms such as cramping, dizziness, headaches and nausea. Most of these things are uncommon for me, which is why I thought something was up. I was to attend a friend’s wedding in Cairns some days later, so I took 3 pregnancy tests over the course of a couple of days – all results came back negative. I thought nothing more of it and told myself I could enjoy this wedding with a couple of drinks, seeing as we had a babysitter coming to the hotel and we were traveling from Brisbane for the occasion.

The night of the wedding (after returning to our hotel room), I was sick but not in the way you would be, if you’d drunk too much. I still thought something was up, so I made mention of it to my husband and he just thought I was late and worrying over nothing. The next test I took was in Cairns before coming home – still negative. I was starting to think I was paranoid by this stage. The following day at home, I decided to test again with hubby at work and bub asleep. The result was the faint line that can be seen above. Well…I had never experienced a faint line before and was quite fed up by this point, so I went out and bought a digital test and sure enough, I was pregnant!

Knowing the routine, I went and saw my GP that afternoon and got a referral for the initial blood test and to see my obstetrician. I decided to tell my husband in person that evening, in a creative manner. My plan was to have a bun literally sitting on an oven tray in the oven, tell him his dinner was in the oven and he’d turn around and see I was holding the 2 positive pregnancy tests – that didn’t happen! Instead, he decided to have dinner later and when he did, he turned around and asked where the rest of it was. He also thought I was holding up 2 pens…until I told him it was a metaphor and his face went white! His reaction was pretty much the same as mine – do we laugh or cry?

Don’t worry, the ending of this story is a happy one. As I said, we had wanted a sibling for our little one in the future and as I’ve always said to friends, there is no good time to have kids – there’s always something you’re doing or some project you’re working on, you just make it work. Hubby and I are both thrilled about the prospect and you can’t get a much better due date than Valentine’s Day! We have heard a strong heartbeat too and early tomorrow morning I will have my nuchal scan. I think the only thing I’m not looking forward to with this baby is the lack of air conditioning in my house and being huge during summer :).


New baby announcement

Taken at the Brisbane Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo



Hi, my name is Rachael. I am a born and bred Queenslander, who loves spending time with her family and pursuing creative hobbies. I am a wife, mother and all-round friend. If you like my posts, please leave me a comment...or two!
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One Response to Some of the best things in life are spontaneous!

  1. Gem says:

    Why is it that creative announcements like that never go quite to plan?! It is all very exciting though! x


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