A Love for Ads

I have a secret shame, I enjoy watching and listening to ads.

Now you might cringe whenever you hear ‘Hello…Frank Walker from National Tiles’ on the radio but if you stop to think about it, that ad is very clever. It is so irritating that is sticks in your mind enough to be memorable. Your recall for that company is therefore very high and has potential to sway your top of mind preferences when looking to tile your house.

I think most of my enthusiasm for ads stems from working in the industry and appreciating the time and effort that goes into making each ad…well most ads. This includes developing a story board, voiceover, production and booking media spots. Hard to believe this gets reduced down to a 15 to 60 second ad.

The American Superbowl has to be my favourite time of year, where companies compete for prime viewing spots on commercial television, to reach large volumes of spectators watching the football match. Each spots is worth millions of dollars. Here’s a video of the top commercials from the 2013 superbowl.

Finally, here’s a few ads that I have come across in the workplace lately that I either love or are so powerful that they have to be shared.



Hi, my name is Rachael. I am a born and bred Queenslander, who loves spending time with her family and pursuing creative hobbies. I am a wife, mother and all-round friend. If you like my posts, please leave me a comment...or two!
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