A Super Adventure

Last Christmas my sister very generously gave hubby and self a voucher for a High Ropes course, from Red Balloon. However, she didn’t realise at the time that I was pregnant and hubby has a fear of heights, so it wasn’t the best Christmas present ever. Nonetheless, I contacted Red Balloon and was able to exchange the vouchers for 2 Superduck Adventures and 2 Adult tickets to Currumbin Bird Sanctuary. We will use the Bird Sanctuary vouchers once I’ve had the baby, so we can take him too but decided (okay I decided) to use the Superduck Adventure tickets yesterday and do something different for Easter Monday. I think hubby had different plans, so he wasn’t too impressed but it was a nice day at the coast!

The Superduck Transporter
 Our mode of transport touring around Southport
 On the water – some of the Gold Coast high rises
 This is the only floating chapel in Australia, designed for weddings
 This boat was used in the Sea Patrol series, all those years ago


Hi, my name is Rachael. I am a born and bred Queenslander, who loves spending time with her family and pursuing creative hobbies. I am a wife, mother and all-round friend. If you like my posts, please leave me a comment...or two!
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One Response to A Super Adventure

  1. B says:

    Every time I see one of those aquaduck things it makes me laugh!


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